Digital transformation and an accelerating shift to online shopping are reshaping the retail industry. Retail businesses that want to succeed in this crowded, fast-evolving space must reinvent themselves quickly to keep ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth. Intelligent automation that can enhance every phase of the retail journey is fundamental to this strategy.

Laiye partners with ACW Distribution and KPMG in bringing this critical and forward-thinking webinar specially designed for Hong Kong and Macau. We invite you to join our panelists of industry experts, consultants and retailers to learn how they automate work, from the front office, right across the supply chain and on to the shop floor.

Topic: RPA: The Future of Retail Automation
Date: Wednesday, 15 December 2021 
Time:15:00pm– 16:00pm (GMT+8)
*The webinar will be conducted in Cantonese

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to transform work, boost productivity and enhance customer experience with Intelligent Automation
  • Hear how retailers are leveraging Intelligent Automation technologies in inventory management, supply chain optimization, returns processing and invoice and contract management
  • Learn why one out of three Fortune 500 companies in China uses Laiye AI products to boost productivity with technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and Conversational AI




  • 洞察如何通過智能自動化轉變工作方式、提高生產力和增強客戶體驗
  • 掌握零售商如何在庫存管理、供應鏈優化、退貨處理以及發票和合同管理中利用智能自動化技術
  • 瞭解為什麼在中國,500強企業每3家就有1家在使用來也科技的智能自動化產品,來也科技如何通過機器人流程自動化(RPA)、智慧文檔處理(IDP)和會話式AI等人工智能技術提高生產力

Meet The Speakers
Joey Yu
Associate Director, KPMG

Channel Alliance Veteran with a demonstrated history working in the information technologies and services industry in APAC Alliance.
Aaron Chan
Consulting Manager, ACW Distribution

Enterprise Business Solution team lead with digital transformation experience in commercial industry.
Ricky Lau
General Manager of Hong Kong and Macau, Laiye

A Certified Management Accountant with over 20 Years of experience in IT Industry, Business Development, Marketing and Sales Management.